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The Harald Bredesen Endowed Chair of Leadership Formation and Renewal

About Harald Bredesen

Reverend Bredesen, an ordained Lutheran minister, speaker, and best-selling author, is fondly remembered as a uniquely inspiring voice for the Spirit-filled message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was an early mentor of Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson and founding Board member of the Christian Broadcasting Network. His spiritual passion and vision played a significant role in the formation of Regent University. Remembering Reverend Bredesen by naming the Endowed Chair of Leadership Formation and Renewal in his honor is an important way to:

  • Acknowledge Reverend Bredesen's long-term association with Dr. Robertson, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), and Regent University.
  • Advance his legacy of mentoring and spiritually empowering leaders at every level of ministry, politics, business, and government.
  • Honor his uncompromising commitment to personal, professional, and spiritual renewal.
  • Memorialize his significant impact on world leaders such as former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Nobel laureate Mother Teresa, by supporting the continuation of his ministry through the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship.