Dr. Glen Moriarty grew up in Cape Cod and north-central Massachusetts. He attended Valley Forge Christian College where he was enrolled in a Pastoral Studies program. During that time, he became very interested in psychology and decided to further his education at Forest Institute, where he graduated with a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Following, Moriarty began Regent's two-year fellowship in the integration of psychology and spirituality and became a licensed psychologist.

Moriarty describes the main interest that has been consistent throughout all of his education as "the emotional experience of God." He has written Pastoral Care of Depression: Helping Clients Heal Their Relationship with God to help clergy and mental health professionals learn how to address this issue in psychotherapy. Additionally, he is the director of Missionary Outreach Support Services, a web-based, mental health consultation service to missionaries.

Moriarty's teaching philosophy is based on the fundamental idea that the desire to learn is inherent in human nature. He believes that students seem more likely to actualize this tendency when information is presented in a manner that taps both the rational mind and the emotional mind. An orderly, logical, clear presentation helps students develop a rational understanding of current research and underlying theoretical assumptions. Illustrations, exercises and case examples provide students with a vicarious emotional learning experience that enables them to apply knowledge to real life. He finds that an integration of these two styles results in optimal learning.


Distinguished Young Alumni, Valley Forge Christian College 2006

Who’s Who Among Students in Universities and Colleges, Forest Institute 2000

Fellowship Award, 1999 - Chosen by student body of Forest Institute

“For the respect and comradeship he demonstrates towards his peers, and the positive example he sets.”

President’s Leadership Award, Valley Forge Christian College 1996 & 1998

Scholar Athlete Award – 1998 - Valley Forge Christian College/Chosen by the NCCAA



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Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
Christian Association for Psychological Studies
American Psychological Association
Journal of Psychology and Theology, Guest Reviewer
Religious Research Review, Guest Reviewer
Journal of Popular Culture and Religion, Guest Reviewer

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