Admissions Information

We are excited about your decision to pursue higher education in the fields of psychology and counseling. We understand this is a big decision. As you work through the School of Psychology & Counseling admissions process, we are here to help you make a smooth transition. In rendering an admissions decision, we use all of the information provided to make a good match between your abilities and interests and the capabilities and objectives of the program to which you are applying. The following information provides an overview of the Psychology & Counseling graduate school admissions process as well as scholarships available to psychology and counseling students. If you have further questions, please contact the Virginia Beach Admissions Office for clarification at 800.681.5906 or

Admissions Events

Attending a Regent admissions event can be one of the smartest things you’ll do as you plan to pursue your degree. Our on-campus and online events will help clarify your goals and calling while answering your questions about more practical issues like the admissions process and financial aid.


Admissions requirements vary by program. You may view the requirements for your program of interest by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Master of Arts

Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Psychology


Joint Degree & Nondegree

Army active duty, reserve and National Guard members may find detailed information on the application process through GoArmyEd on our GoArmyEd Admissions Guide.

Evaluation of Transfer Credits

Transfer credits are evaluated on an individual basis but can never constitute more than 25 percent of a student’s complete degree plan. Course credits that previously applied to one degree cannot be used again for a different degree program. An evaluation of possible transfer credits will take place once you have been admitted to the program. Read our Transfer Policy.

International Applicants

In addition to the program-specific requirements listed above, as an international applicant, you will need to submit supplementary admissions requirements. For more information, please visit our International Students Admissions page.

Financial Aid

School of Psychology & Counseling Financial Aid

The School of Psychology & Counseling (SPC) has a long-standing commitment to partner with our students in the attainment of their degree. To the extent possible, this includes helping meet the expenses associated with the cost of graduate school. Most graduate school financial aid resources focus on academic merit providing scholarship options for graduate students; however, there are other funding types associated with military service, corporate sponsors and church match partnerships that make our affordable degree options even more accessible. In addition to university-wide financial aid opportunities, we are pleased to offer the following school-specific scholarships.

Please keep in mind that school-based awards cannot exceed the cost of tuition. We are unable to assist with living expenses with our financial aid funding. Thank you for understanding this limitation.


Scholarships & Grants

Amounts vary.

Academic Merit Scholarships are awarded to students as they enter Regent’s School of Psychology & Counseling. The awards are determined at the point of admission — no application is required. Students whose undergraduate or graduate academic records show strong academic potential may qualify. Academic Merit Scholarships are awarded as a flat amount per semester. Factors weighed in awarding these scholarships include MAT or GRE scores, undergraduate GPA, graduate GPA (if applicable), rigor of the undergraduate program, and undergraduate institution and academic accomplishments during undergraduate career. Academic Merit Scholarships are awarded for the duration of full-time enrollment in the SPC and may automatically renew if the student maintains a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 within their graduate program.

Award amounts range from $250 to $2,000 per year.

The School of Psychology & Counseling will award a limited number of need-based awards to students who can demonstrate need as evidenced by a completed financial condition statement on the School of Psychology & Counseling Financial Aid Application. Regent Psychology & Counseling Need-Based Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee and may be influenced by other scholarships and the student’s employment status. Students who wish to be considered for need-based assistance will be required to document that they have also sought other self-help funds, namely, student loans*. These grants are last-dollar funds and typically only go to students experiencing extreme hardship or those who have exhausted all other sources of funding, including student loans. Students who wish to be considered must be an active, full-time, degree-seeking student in the School of Psychology & Counseling and submit the SPC Financial Aid Application. If awarded, students must reapply each academic year. Complete the application. Please note we will not be accepting or processing applications for 2017-18 assistance until July 15th.

*Submission of the FAFSA is required in order to be considered for SPC need-based grants.  International students may be required to submit additional financial information to be eligible for consideration.

$1,000 per year.

This award is specifically designed for non-U.S. citizens who are enrolled full time as degree-seeking students in the School of Psychology & Counseling. Any student studying at Regent on an F, J, H, or NATO Visa may qualify.

Up to $7,500 (Scholarship and Stipend) for one year.

The number of appointments made each year is determined by the faculty. Only students in their second year or beyond are considered. Interested students must apply through the University Human Resources office, submitting a formal application that includes an agreement to the statement of faith. These appointments are typically for one year but may be renewed at the discretion of the program. Recipients are under the direct supervision of a designated SPC professor. TA monies are only available during the award year. Students who are awarded a TA position cannot also receive other SPC specific scholarships or grants (Academic Merit, Leadership, etc.). Unused funds cannot be rolled over into the next year.

Up to $2,500 per year.

These annual grants may be awarded to applicants who file their income tax returns as Head of Household, have a maximum income of no more than $30,000 per year, and are an active full-time, degree-seeking SPC student. These grants are to encourage and support single parents returning to school in order to obtain a degree to better themselves, support their families and to help others. Students who wish to be considered must submit the SPC Financial Aid Application. If awarded, students must reapply each academic year.

View a sample annual budget on our cost of attendance page.

Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid is available only to full-time or part-time, degree-seeking students. Financial aid is not available for audited courses or to visiting students. SPC aid is based on the following minimum number of hours. Exceptions may be granted via academic petition if a student is in his/her final year of school or while on internship.

Full-Time Minimums (All but Ph.D. Students): Fall 9 hours; Spring 9 hours; Summer 6 hours

Part-Time Minimums (All but Ph.D. Students): Fall 5 hours; Spring 5 hours; Summer 3 hours

Ph.D. Students – Full-Time Minimums: Fall, Spring, and Summer; 6 hours

Ph.D. – Part-Time Minimums: Fall, Spring, and Summer; 3 Hours (unless completing Ph.D. dissertation)

Full-time enrollment receives 100 percent of award; part-time enrollment receives 50 percent of the award.

Loan Forgiveness

There are several organizations that offer student loan forgiveness to mental health professionals. Visit the links below to learn more about eligibility requirements.