Clifton R. Clarke, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies & World Christianity


Dr. Clifton Clarke, associate professor at Regent School of Divinity, joined Regent in 2008. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, he taught theology at the University of Nottingham, while pastoring in the U.K. for many years. In response to the call of God, Clarke and his family moved to West Africa in Ghana in 1997 to work as missionaries, where they served until 2007. In Ghana, Clarke played an instrumental role in building the Pan African Christian University College in Winneba, where he served as dean for five years.

After 10 years of fulfilling ministry in Africa, training pastors, planting churches, teaching, and involvement in economic development, Clarke was led by God to relocate to the United States., where he currently serves as the associate professor of Intercultural Studies and World Christianity. He is a highly sought after speaker who travels widely to such places as Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean and the USA. His burden is to see a global move of the power of the Holy Spirit. He is married and has two children.


Published Chapters and Journal Articles:

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"Jesus of the Deep Forest: Ghanaian view of Jesus Christ as the Fearless One, the Earth-keeper, the Healer and Redeemer." Published on CMS website on Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Published Books:

Pentecostal Theology in Africa (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2014).

African Christology: Jesus in Post Missionary African Christianity (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2010).

Editor with Amos Yong, Global Renewal, Religious Pluralism, and the Great Commission: Towards a Renewal Theology of Mission and Interreligious Encounter (Lexington, KY: Emeth Press, 2010).

Called to Serve (Step Publishers: Accra, 2007)

The Reason Why we Sing: Introducing Black Pentecostal Spirituality (Grove Books Series: Cambridge, 1997).

Published Reviews:

A Review of Graham Twelftree, In the Name of Jesus: Exorcism among Early Christians. Journal of Pentecostal Theology. 17 (2008) pp. 137–144

A Review of Towards a Pneumatological Theology: Pentecostal and Ecumenical Perspectives on Ecclesiology, Soteriology and Theology of Mission by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen. Journal of Pentecostal Theology. Vol.14, No. 1 (October 2005), pp 123-137


Community Involvement: Lead Pastor of Restoration Christian Fellowship (www.rcfchurch.net); Founder Norfolk Community Forums; Member of the Norfolk PastorsÕ Round Table; Life Class Trainer for Union Missions; Member of the Interfaith Leaders for Peace and Reconciliation in Hampton Roads Memberships: Member of the Board of Directors for the Acts2 Network (2014 à Present); Chair: Religions and Culture for the Society for Pentecostal Studies (2015 à Present); Member Juvenile Subcommittee for the City of Norfolk (2015 à Present); Visiting Professor for Salem University, Abuja Nigeria (2015 à Present); Director of Regent University Center for Global Missions; Member of Society of Pentecostal Studies; Member of American Association of Religion

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