John Keeler, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator for M.A. in Strategic Communications

Program Coordinator for M.A. in Media and Arts



Dr. John Keeler is a professor in the Department of Strategic Communication & Journalism at Regent University specializing in organizational communication and leadership, media, church and culture, history of communication, public relations, and advertising.

Keeler has served as a consultant to numerous organizations, including media, churches and other Christian organizations. At Regent, he teaches a variety of courses on media effects, new communication technologies, organizational communication, marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism and communication history. His academic research and publications have reflected these areas of study.

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William J. Brown, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator for Doctoral Program in Communication

Professor and Research Fellow

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Kevin R. Crawford, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Arts

Undergraduate Communication Studies Program Coordinator

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Peter Fraser, Ph.D.

Director, School of Communications & the Arts

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Eric Harrell, MFA

Producing Artistic Director of Tidewater Stage

Associate Professor

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Stephen Perry, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator for M.A. in Journalism

Program Coordinator for M.A. in Political Communication


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