Peter J. Fraser, Ph.D.
Peter J. Fraser, Ph.D.

Director, Communication & the Arts

Senior Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Message From The Director

Welcome to the School of Communication & the Arts at Regent University! We challenge our students and each other toward excellence in craft and depth in faith. Our committed Christians professors have included a Fulbright Senior Specialist, Telly Award and Emmy Award-winning artists, and numerous authors, scholars, and experienced professionals who have worked in major media and entertainment markets in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Washington, and around the world.

Peter J. Fraser, Ph.D.

Director, Communication & the Arts

Senior Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

The study of communication and the arts is central to what God has called us to as creatures made in His image, and in particular as those redeemed by Jesus Christ. Our work together as a vibrant Christian community brings order, meaning, and beauty to those around us. We search for new ways to take joy in God and his creation—by engaging in aesthetic beauty, in story, in humor, in emotion, all the various means we have to connect with others, and doing so on the highest professional level. In so doing we make visible the invisible God and bring Christ to the world.

Meet Our Faculty

William J. Brown, Ph.D.
William J. Brown, Ph.D.

Chair of the Strategic Communication & Journalism Department

Chair of the Doctoral Program in Communication

Professor and Research Fellow

757.352.4216 willbro@regent.edu
David Garcia, M.A.
David Garcia, M.A.


Director of Technical Operations

757.352.4239 daviga2@regent.edu
Eric Harrell, MFA
Eric Harrell, MFA

Producing Artistic Director

Tidewater Stage Associate Professor

757.352.4211 eharrell@regent.edu
Michael Hill-Kirkland, Ph.D.
Michael Hill-Kirkland, Ph.D.

Chair of the Theatre Arts Department

Head of the MFA in Acting


757.352.4730 michhil@regent.edu


Jayson Akridge, M.F.A.
Alexis Akridge, B.A.
Blair Allen, M.A.
Stuart Bennett, M.F.A.
J. Dennis Bounds, Ph.D.
Adam Bova, M.F.A.
Chester Branch, Ph.D.
David Brush, M.A.
Alison Bugg, M.F.A.
Kara Burk, B.A.
Michael Burnett, M.F.A.
Heidi Campbell
Bethany Cragin-Day, M.F.A.
Kevin Crawford, Ph.D.
Jonathan Cyprowski, M.A.
Gillette Elvgren, Ph.D.
Nelson Fong, J.D.
Craig Forrest, Ph.D.
David Foster, M.F.A.
Joseph Frost, M.F.A.
Terilyn Goins, Ph.D.
Judith Gooch, M.A.
Michael Graves, Ph.D.
Courtney Jackson, M.A.
Stanley Jeter, M.A.
Edward Johnson, Ph.D.
Peter Kenny, Ph.D.
Mark Keuthan, Ph.D.
Richard Klein, M.A.
Andrew Lease, M.F.A.
Leon Leonidoff, B.A.
John McClary, M.A.
Rebecca McCoy-Reese, M.A.
Delceno Miles, M.A.
Stacey Miller, M.P.W.
Robert Millett, M.F.A.
Renee Mitchell, B.M.
Marc Newman, Ph.D.
Macayla Nicolaison, J.D.
Ryan Pace, M.F.A.
Lionello Partible, A.A.
Kay Lynn Perry, M.F.A.
Markus Pfeiffer, Ph.D.
April Poland, M.F.A.
Cheryl Price, M.A.
Nancy Prodnuk, Ph.D.
Charles Reese, M.F.A.
Jason Rodriguez, M.F.A.
Katharine Salsbury, M.F.A.
Michael Salsbury, M.F.A.
Clyde Santana, M.F.A.
Michael Smith, Ph.D.
Kristie Stahl, M.A.
Michael Stahl, M.A.
Sarah Turney, M.A.
James Ward, Ph.D.
Kathryn Wilson, B.M.
Gorman Woodfin, M.F.A.