2017 Annual Research Roundtables

The Mission Continues
May 12, 2017

The Annual Research Roundtables are returning with a focus on “The Mission Continues” to reflect our commitment to Regent University’s mission of “Christian Leadership to Change the World.” The Regent University School of Business & Leadership invites you to attend and present your research, papers, concept discussions, and book or article review. We especially welcome papers written from an intentionally Christian worldview.

Call for Abstracts Deadline: March 15

Registration is now closed.

Regent University
Virginia Beach, VA

Cost: $250



Biblical Perspectives

Gospel Perspectives of the Leadership of Jesus

We explore, engage and extend the field of knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon of leadership as found within the contexts of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. We encourage diverse research relating to the leadership of Jesus as depicted in the Gospels. Select papers from the Roundtable will be recommended for the Fall 2017 edition of the Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership.

Chair: Dr. Joshua Henson
Email: joshhen@regent.edu

Servant Leadership

Welcome Back

We provide a venue in where both scholars and practitioners can serve and learn from one another both critically experientially by evaluating and developing research frames and agendas. This year’s theme is Welcome Back to represent the return of the roundtables and the continued call to all aspiring servants.

Chair: Dr. Kathleen Patterson
Email: kathpat@regent.edu

Coaching & Consulting

Partnerships, Perspectives & Performance

We provide a venue for practitioners and scholars to present their ideas, research, and advances in coaching and consulting. Of particular interest for this round table is the integration of biblical perspectives and professional practices in a) building trusting relationships and b) highlighting the value, benefits and ROI of coaching and consulting.

Chair: Dr. Diane M. Wiater
Email: dianwia@regent.edu

Transformative Innovation

Leading Transformative Innovation

We aim to have a singular goal –to inform and energize the conversation among Christians who use the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, organizations, and ultimately, the world.

Chair: Dr. Gary Oster
Email: garyost@regent.edu

Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts Deadline: March 15, 2017

Submission Guidelines:

Present a 300-500-word abstract of your proposed presentation to the chair of the
specific roundtable in which you are interested. Please contact the specific roundtable chairs for more