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Worship Leader Training Tour Kicks Off

By Rachel Judy | February 3, 2011

John Chisum, Curt Coffield, David M. Edwards and Suzie Stablein
Photo courtesy of Center for Worship

The Worship Leader Training Tour kicked off its series of conferences at Regent University on Saturday, Jan. 22. Approximately 300 people attended the day-long seminar sponsored by Worship Leader Magazine and hosted by Regent University's Center for Worship.

David M. Edwards, artist-in-residence in the School of Divinity, was on hand to lead a time of worship, as well as offer instruction. He was joined by speaker, author and artist, John Chisum and pastor and worship leader, Curt Coffield.

Using humor, Chisum had people laughing so hard that they cried as he addressed how to handle the most difficult of volunteers in church music ministry, the one he called "The Diva Soloist."

Edwards led a session on orchestrating flow in worship. Speaking from personal experience, he drove home the importance of flowing with and partnering with the Holy Spirit throughout a worship service.

"I was overwhelmed at the presence of the Lord; His attending presence was with us throughout the day," Edwards said later. "You could feel it, and many people talked about it. We were studying a subject that touches the very heart of God. I was also so very proud of our school, our administration, our staff and our students. We simply have the finest folks in our Regent community. It is a pleasure and privilege to work here among such gifted and wonderful people."

Dr. Michael Palmer, dean of the School of Divinity, sees the Worship Leader Training Tour, as well as other offerings by the Center for Worship, to be important for students and the community. "The Center for Worship both embodies Regent's spiritual heritage and highlights the vision we aspire to," he explained.

During the afternoon session, Coffield talked about how to lead worship in between the songs and the importance of personal heart purity. "In the decades that I have been leading in worship I have grown to see that it is often those moments between the songs where we as worship leaders can encourage or discourage those we lead in worship," Coffield explained before the conference.

Attendees also participated in a Q&A session hosted by Suzie Stablein of Worship Leader Magazine, where questions from attendees were addressed to one of the three conference speakers covering all possible aspects of worship.

The day ended with another time of worship that brought the three conference speakers together on stage, demonstrating the very thing they'd spent the day teaching about.

The Center for Worship offers a variety of events for worship leaders who want to improve their impact on their congregations.

Learn more about upcoming events on the Center for Worship website.

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