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Freshmen Prepare for New Chapter on Move-in Day

By Amanda Morad | August 15, 2014

Regent leaders help move new students into The Commons.
Photo by Alex Perry

As Regent University's College of Arts & Sciences continues to grow, each freshman class brings with it a brand new set of possibilities. On Wednesday, August 13, more than 200 bright-eyed freshmen and transfer students moved into The Commons, Regent's undergraduate housing, and got their first look at the next chapter of their lives.

"I'm really looking forward to getting to meet new people and experience new things," said freshman cinema-television student Kaitlin Schifflet of Keller, Texas. She is one of 470 undergraduate students living in The Commons this year. An additional 70 upperclassmen undergraduate students have now moved to The Village, Regent's housing complex historically reserved for graduate students and students with families.

"Our numbers have just grown so much over the last three years, we've reached capacity in The Commons," said Adam Williams, Regent's director of Residence Life. "But we're committed to giving undergrads in the Village a similar residential experience with RAs and Life Groups and a real sense of community."

That sense of community is what new students are most focused on in the days leading up to their first class on Monday, August 18.

"One of the things I'm most looking forward to is the connections with my other suite mates," said transfer student and Communication major, Ian Watt. "I had the opportunity to meet one of them today already and he seems like a really great guy... I’m excited to create this community with the whole floor, but especially within my suite."

Though Watt comes to Regent from Los Angeles, Calif., he grew up in Virginia and was glad to return east. "Regent was a great place for me to come back to be mentored and equipped for the next season launching out in my life," he said. "It was just the perfect fit with the values and the flexibility for my schedule and my life."

Students choose Regent for all sorts of reasons. Schifflet came to Regent because of her interest in broadcast television. "The 700 Club played a big part in my decision," she said. "I thought it was really awesome to have the opportunity to work on a nationally broadcast TV show before I graduate college."

Justine Staub, a new Psychology student from Hanover, Penn., is ready to hit the books. "I'm most looking forward to studying and getting into my classes," she said. "I love writing and reading and I actually missed it over the summer, so I'm ready to really study hard."

Staub and her mom Toni had been on campus before. "When we came to Discover Regent, we just fell in love with the campus and the sessions we had," Toni said. "The spirit on campus was positive, uplifting and inspiring. I'm really happy for her."

Parents and students are now in the midst of Campus Connection and Orientation events across campus, getting to know the campus, their student leadership, professors, advisors and fellow students.

"College is different than any experience they've had so far, and Regent is a different institution than many they're familiar with," said Kyle Graham, Regent's director of Student Experience. "Getting new students acclimated to what life is going to be like is important."

Through events like Outdoor Chapel, First Friday Frenzy and the Beach Bash trip to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, students will immerse themselves fully in the Regent community, starting their college careers off on the right foot.

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