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Regent Hosts Family Foundation

By Brett Wilson | June 5, 2014

Stephen Moore.

Although citizens in the Commonwealth of Virginia may be divided on many important issues, Regent University and its legal community thrives on the opportunity to be a welcoming environment for the state's political game-changers.

On Tuesday, June 6, Regent hosted a reception in the University Library atrium for the Family Foundation of Virginia, a non-profit organization based in Richmond, Va. Since 1985, the Family Foundation has been dedicated to strengthening families and religious liberties in the state.

"It was a privilege to host the Family Foundation at Regent University," said Judge Patricia West, associate dean for the School of Law. "They provide a tremendous service on behalf of Virginia families by promoting our shared Christian values of faith and family throughout the Commonwealth."

The evening featured Family Foundation president, Victoria Cobb, who talked about her 14 years with the organization. She spoke of the beginning of her presidency in 2004, when she had a three-person team. Cobb attributes the current success and the organization's community impact to organizations such as Regent.

"It is your support and your shared values that has allowed us to keep growing," said Cobb. "But this organization isn't just about how large it can be, it's about how many bills we can get to pass."

Cobb encouraged her audience to continue to look at the "bigger picture," because as the nation is molded by its leaders, the "transformation of culture" closely follows.

Stephen Moore, chief economist for the Heritage Foundation and frequent op/ed contributor for The Wall Street Journal, explained how this transformation of culture has impacted both the nation's politics and also its economy.

"We can't have a free market economy without the social values of faith, family and freedom," said Moore. "They are inextricably linked."

Besides encouraging his listeners to remain informed on the nation's economic status, he predicted the United States will become an export nation—rather than an importer—of oil with its blossoming horizontal-drilling and oil fracking technologies by 2020.

But even in light of deep changes in the nation's economic and political future, Regent faculty, staff and alumni relish the experience of networking with leaders at the forefront of such change.

"This event afforded an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our friends Stephen Moore, Victoria Cobb and their colleagues," said Dr. Paul Bonicelli, Regent's executive vice president. "Regent has much in common with both of these organizations, and interactions such as these enable our administrators and faculty to hear from thought leaders and find ways to meaningfully work together, benefitting us and the larger community."

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