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RSG Updates Annual Oxford Trip

By Amanda Morad | March 5, 2014

Regent University's Robertson School of Government (RSG) will return to Oxford, England, this summer with a new pair of courses in government and law. The study-abroad program is open to RSG and Regent Law students and alumni, as well as advanced undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences.

The first session will run June 23-July 4, offering a course taught by Law professor Thomas Folsom, "Liberty, Law, and Politics: Islamic and Western Perspectives" (GOV 646/LAW 575). The course is a survey of the law and politics of the Western legal tradition and the Islamic legal tradition as they relate to aspects of religious liberty like belief, speech, practice, proselytization and conversion.

"This is an opportunity for our students to engage issues of religious liberty, outside of the United States, and within the United Kingdom," explained Folsom. "The ability to take field trips and to examine how core concepts are developing in a different but closely related culture, should add to the intellectual excitement of the course."

The second session will run July 7-18, 2014, with a course taught by RSG dean, Dr. Eric Patterson, "Just War: Ethics and Law in Contemporary Conflict" (GOV 647/LAW 575). The course will examine the ethical and legal framework within which armed conflict occurs, from the moral consideration of using force to how war is fought and ended.

"The first thrust of the class is on classical just war thinking. This is the Christian and classical approach to questions of, first, when is it lawful and moral to go to war? And then, how is a war brought to an ethical conclusion?" Patterson explained. "The second thrust of the class is [about] how those principles have been formalized in Western international law and around the world."

Students will be based at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford with scheduled trips to London and the English countryside. Students will see the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Bath and other significant and historical attractions.

"I want students to have had the experience of being at one of the world's great universities in a nation which is not our own. ... I want them to have the chance to understand the common culture and the differences," said Folsom. "It's an experience that will enrich their lives."

The cost of the program, estimated at RSG rates, is $4950 for one course or $9900 for both courses. This estimate includes tuition and fees, private lodging, breakfast and lunch, and official course fieldtrips as well as other select group activities.

Registration is open now and the deadline for deposit is April 11. Learn more about the Oxford Experience.

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