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Watch video: The 700 Club Features LUXVERA

The 700 Club Features LUXVERA™

| February 3, 2014

LUXVERA™, Regent's new free online course platform, continues to generate interest among news organizations, with CBN News noting the inaugural class, "Who is Jesus?" in a story about affordability in higher education on the Monday, Feb. 3, edition of The 700 Club.

Regent CEO and Chancellor Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, who co-hosts The 700 Club, shared more information about LUXVERA during the program. He talked about LUXVERA's mission to teach people around the world, and also discussed how massive open online courses (MOOCs) such as those offered by LUXVERA could be the answer to helping resolve the problem of making a college education more affordable.

"LUXVERA is a very, very exciting, good-looking program, and I think the idea is going to sweep the country," Robertson said.

The story, which focused on initiatives to make higher education more affordable, also included comments from Regent's Executive Vice President, Dr. Paul Bonicelli, about the growing interest in online education.

"What people are coming to now is, 'Where is the established brick and mortar campus, that has a reputation, that has the accreditations, that is also delivering education online?'" Bonicelli told CBN News. "Then those students are more attracted to it because they realize the quality's already there, the rankings are there," he said. "And I can get this education now even though I can't leave my home, which is 2,000 miles away."

LUXVERA classes began on Jan. 22, with the first course titled, "Who Is Jesus?" Developed by Dr. Corné J. Bekker, chair of the department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry at Regent, the inaugural free online class explores the life and ministry of Jesus.

Also on Jan. 22, LUXVERA began a series of "GREAT Talks" featuring notable legal, political and religious experts to address issues in politics, law, leadership and faith.

New content added on Feb. 4 includes three additional "Great Talks" and the second course about Jesus, "What Did Jesus Teach?"

More classes and talks will be added during the coming weeks and months.

Learn more about LUXVERA and register for classes.

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