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SBL Introduces Faculty Member

By Brett Wilson | December 5, 2013

Dr. Ming Piao.

In a business world where profit margins and purpose are often blurred, Regent University School of Business & Leadership (SBL) professors train students for both mission-related and monetary success in their business endeavors. Dr. Ming Piao, who joined Regent's faculty at the start of the fall 2013 semester, is one such professor.

"We are so excited to have Dr. Piao join the ranks of our outstanding SBL faculty to teach in the areas of strategic management, leadership and human resource management in our master's and doctoral-level programs," said Dr. Doris Gomez, interim dean of SBL. "Her love for Christ and her commitment to her vocation as a scholar are evident in her work. I look forward to working with Dr. Piao and seeing her thrive at Regent."

Piao's dedication to her faith is interwoven into her philosophy of business and leadership. She explained that in the very large business world, it is easy to be absorbed into the trap of concentrating efforts on short-term profit goals. This, according to Piao, affects the overall effectiveness of businesses.

"We use profit to evaluate how well an organization is doing," said Piao. "But, I have always thought that we need to bring a Biblical outlook into the business field; I'm hoping that people can change perspectives on business a little bit. I think that will be healthy, both for society and the community."

Instead of focusing solely on how much money a certain enterprise will gain, Piao encourages her students to generate long-term goals oriented to the actual mission and practice of their businesses.

"Every company should focus on the unique value they bring to the community; if they replace their original mission with profit, that's when problems start to arise," said Piao. "They start to justify their means by their ends, and that's something every individual should think about."

This is Piao's seventh year teaching these Biblical principles for business. She began her teaching career at the University of Utah. For her, the move to Regent "just happened," feeling a peace about the school the first, and only, time she set foot on campus before becoming an SBL faculty member. Today, she is inspired by the amount of diversity she witnesses across campus.

"The students are great, they are different and it seems like they already have their perspectives of what they want, and are very prepared," said Piao.

Piao also explained that she is thankful to be working in an environment that holds the same values on leadership and business that she does.

"Regent is great in bringing out leadership that has the most influence, and puts Christianity center stage," said Piao. "That's really critical, and if we all go in a similar direction, then everything else will eventually fall into place."

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