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Professor Provides Research to Army War College

| November 15, 2013

Dr. Mary Manjikian

Academics often wonder if their research is being read by policymakers and if their work will ever have an impact on international security and decision-making in international affairs. Dr. Mary Manjikian, associate professor at Regent University's Robertson School of Government, doesn't need to wonder any more.

Manjikian was recently appointed as a member of the External Research Associate Program (ERAP) for the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College. This program affords academics at leading universities the opportunity to conduct policy research and analysis on international security topics of particular interest to the Army and the Department of Defense.

The Strategic Studies Institute publishes national security and strategic research and analysis that aims to influence policy debate and bridge the gap between the military and academic communities. Manjikian will produce two papers for the Strategic Studies Institute—one on the development of confidence-building measures in cyberspace, and the second on the Army's political influence in Washington in a time of austerity and defense cuts.

"It's exciting to have the ear of policymakers and to perhaps influence the development of American cyberspace policy," Manjikian said.

According to its website, ERAP is a contractual program—not an academic grant—that pays for scholarly research and analysis on issues of concern to those institutions responsible for U.S. national security and strategy. The selection process among academics to contribute research is highly competitive.

Earlier this year, Manjikian was awarded a Fulbright Scholar research grant to pursue her ongoing study of the politics of threat and how states organize against it. She studied at Durham University in the United Kingdom January through March of 2013.

Learn more about the Robertson School of Government.

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