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Regent Hosts Church Relations Events

By Brett Wilson | October 31, 2013

Randy Stroman.

As Scripture from Ecclesiastes proclaims, a "chord of three is not quickly broken;" David Kleffman, director of the Office of Church Relations, strives to strengthen the bond between the local area church and Regent University.

"Many have said the local church is the hope of the world, and it is crucial we understand the value and importance of investing time and energy in local ministry leaders," said Kleffman.

For Kleffman, his favorite part about what he does at Regent falls along the lines of hosting free educational and leadership events for local area pastors. On Monday, Oct. 21, and Tuesday, Oct. 22, the Office of Church Relations hosted three separate events to bolster the growing community between churches in the Hampton Roads area and Regent.

On Monday, Kleffman and his team presented the Inaugural Church Relations Summit, providing opportunities for professionals working within the context of a church body to connect, network and engage with one another about current issues in the current climate of church leadership.

The summit featured Tim Fuller, vice president and owner of Credo, an organization dedicated to private higher education consulting. Over the last 17 years, Credo has been responsible for strategic planning, enrollment management and research at more than 200 universities.

According to Kleffman, focusing on partnership with churches nearby is an important factor of what he does, mainly because the demographic of church goers is where Regent will find a large percentage of its student population.

"We're a Christian university with a mission of 'Christian Leadership to Change the World'—one of our most important partnerships should be with the local church," said Kleffman. "We attract Christian students, so what better place to find prospective students than the church?"

The summit also featured Randy Stroman, a renowned speaker, trainer, and coach as well as president of Convergence Leadership and Relationship Center. Stroman, who served as one of the founding members of the John Maxwell Team, also put his coaching skills to work as he led the Pastoral Think Tank on Tuesday, Oct. 22, sharing his passion for developing pastors as leaders within their congregations.

"If you have a calling on your life, you're not getting out of it," said Stroman. "Plan, do, check, and act—what good is succeeding with fulfilling a vision in your congregation if you don't know why it worked?"

Stroman encouraged the local pastors present for the think tank to "stay focused" on their mission; explaining that if they give to their congregants what they need, they will follow their leadership.

At the end of the two-day event, Stroman, along with youth ministry expert and author of The Orphaned Generation, Scott Wilcher, took part in leading the Youth Leadership Forum. Stroman and Wilcher led discussions with local area youth pastors, focusing on renewing minds and hearts, the power of values in youth ministry, and practical tips for growing wise and rich in youth ministry. Wilcher is pursuing his Doctor of Strategic Leadership in the School of Business & Leadership.

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