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New Faculty and Staff 2013

| August 30, 2013

College of Arts & Sciences
Stacy Y. Benns, Academic Advisor; Elizabeth M. Dougherty, Associate Director of Advising; Kurt R. Kreassig, Assistant Professor; Amy E. Lee, Director of Operations; Marjorie R. Peters, Visiting Instructor; George E. Taylor, Academic Advisor; Stephen A. Webb, Principal Lecturer

School of Business & Leadership
Ming Piao, Assistant Professor

School of Communication & the Arts
Jeffrey L. Brangan, Light Designer & Master Electrician; Sean R. Gaffney, Professional-in-Residence; Stephanie L. Williams, Manager of Academic Support Services

School of Divinity
Katie L. Lohmann, Assistant to the Deans

School of Education
Savanna F. Cornibe, Administrative Records Coordinator; I-Xing Lee, Assistant Professor; Joelle C. Stephens, Advising Support Coordinator

Robertson School of Government
Ionut C. Popescu, Assistant Professor

School of Law
Steven D. Walton, Administrative Director, Center for Global Justice

School of Psychology & Counseling
David J. Jennings, Assistant Professor; Kacey K. Ruckstaetter, Administrative Assistant

University Staff
Tiffany D. Murphy, Office Manager, Business Office; Judith F.A. Francis, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Administration; Melissa M. Nannarone, Document Control Specialist, Office of Financial Aid; Hannah E. Wiles, Financial Aid Counselor, Office of Financial Aid; Larisa G. Nargi, Manager of Donor Information & Services, Office of Advancement; Brett E. Wilson, Public Relations Coordinator, Office of Public Relations; Sarah S. Wolverton, Assistant to the Dean, University Library

Enrollment Management
Delia P. Fobbs, Admissions Coordinator; Thomas C. Gilliland, Admissions Coordinator; Yanina J. James, Enrollment Counselor; Danielle E. Johnson, Welcome Center Receptionist; Zachary D. Jones, Admissions Recruiter; Laura C. Kirnan, Admissions Counselor; Bethany K. McDonald, Admissions Counselor; Chad T. McQueen, Military & Veterans Affairs Enrollment Counselor; Emily R. Vail, Admissions Coordinator; Lindsey M. Weck, Admissions Recruiter; Rachel J. Wilmot, Enrollment Counselor; Jenny L. Colpitts, Document Control Specialist, Enrollment Support Services

Facility Services
Anita M. Cappiello, Housekeeper; Bernadette N. Eroles, Housekeeper; Alma S. Jaring, Housekeeper; Marlo P. Melchor, Housekeeper; Leonila E. Nazareno, Housekeeper; Melchor T. Nazareno, Housekeeper; David E. Pinkston, Maintenance Specialist

Todd E. Marshall, Executive Director, Office of the Executive Vice President; Heather L. Platz, Executive Assistant, Office of the President

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Mindy Hughes, Public Relations

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