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Ken Eldred speaks to Regent Community

By Brett Wilson | April 15, 2013

Ken Eldred, author and former trustee, speaks to members of the Christian Business Chamber of Hampton Roads.

Ken Eldred, author of The Integrated Life and former Regent University trustee, addressed the Christian Business Chamber of Hampton Roads hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship at The Founders Inn and Spa on Tuesday, April 9. Eldred has redefined the meaning of "Christian business," and asked his listeners not to save their faith for Sunday mornings, but to integrate their values into the workweek.

"Companies aren't Christian—people are," said Eldred. "You can only achieve this by giving glory to God while serving others."

Any businesses—even those seemingly outside of the traditionally Christian marketplace—have the opportunity to give glory to God while serving others, he explained. This philosophy creates, what Eldred calls, a "kingdom business." Eldred encouraged his listeners to write out their mission statement for both their businesses and their lives; he suggested starting this by simply listing three main purposes for their lives.

"You need to be secure in your purpose, and you need to trust in God to deliver in His power," said Eldred. "And if you want a kingdom business, you need to be able to follow."

According to Eldred, this is sometimes easier to proclaim than follow through with. Edlred spoke from experience, recalling the start of one of his many business endeavors when he shipped a box of damaged "tear-free" envelopes to a particular client. After that transaction was completed, Eldred noticed a sudden halt in the orders his company received.

"We were in the direct mail business, and we weren't even getting junk mail," said Eldred. Eldred, after prayer, felt convicted for shipping the faulty merchandise and quickly remedied the situation by sending his client a new order of undamaged envelopes. Five minutes later, Eldred was stunned by the stream of orders that followed the correction.

"In that moment, I heard God say, 'Ken, if I can't trust you with the little things, how can I trust you with the big things?'" said Eldred. "You can't be involved with things that are not right with God."

Being "unequally yoked" in your church and business life can have adverse effects in your business, Eldred explained to students, faculty and staff at Regent's weekly chapel service on Wednesday, April 17.

"Business is whatever work that you do with your life," said Eldred. "And we have a big disconnect between our work and our faith life."

True integration in business, according to Eldred, can only happen when believers of the Christian faith follow God in both their personal lives and their business lives. While it may be tempting to compartmentalize their faith for just their involvement in the church, if followers of Christ believe God is sovereign, their calling is dispersed through the many different facets of their lives.

"God is in everything," said Eldred. "And therefore our faith is a part of everything that we do."

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