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Leadership Professor Earns Distinguished Research Award

By Julia Mattera | October 30, 2012

Regent University assistant professor Dr. Doris Gomez (School of Business & Leadership) has earned the Distinguished Research Award from The Academy of Educational Leadership Journal for her article, "Leadership Behavior and its Impact on Student Success and Retention in Online Graduate Education."

Gomez' interest in student retention and success began as she pursued her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and researched the topic extensively for her dissertation. Now, as the director of Regent's Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program, she seeks to guide her students toward successful degree completion, which led her to delve deeper into the data from her earlier research.

"The one variable that made all the difference for students' success and retention was Modeling the Way," Gomez explained. "Through years of practical experience and fueled by research, it is no surprise to me that it is not just intellectual ability or capacity that makes students persevere through to degree completion. Character plays a pivotal role; completing what you set out to do demonstrates great integrity and resilience."

Gomez' research points out the important contribution behavioral strategies make to persistence and the influence leaders can have on students by "Modeling the Way" (leading by example). However, she also noted that future research must recognize the need to apply research based on her study's findings to a variety of institutional environments.

Gomez is hopeful that she and other academicians will use her research to discover ways to emphasize to students "the importance of setting an example and displaying a high level of integrity. Christian Leadership to Change the World is a good motivator and reminder to be true to our word."

Learn more about the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

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