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Study Abroad Programs See Significant Growth

| October 16, 2012

In the last year, Regent University students have traveled abroad to England, France, India, China, Ghana, Israel, Jordan, Panama and Rwanda for a variety of learning abroad programs. These trips mark a period of significant growth in the number of students participating and the distance they are traveling to study topics including law and human rights, political technology, missions, English literature, government, international holistic development, C. S. Lewis's work, theology, church history, and Spanish.

"Our study abroad programs grew significantly this year," said Dr. Sergio Matviuk, executive director of Global Affairs. "We have experienced a 45 percent growth in the number of programs, and we have seen a 43 percent increase in the number of participants enrolled in these programs."

The favorite destination, Matviuk said, was England. Four different study abroad opportunities were offered in England over the last year.

Most of these study abroad programs were led by Regent University faculty from the Schools of Divinity, Law, Communication & the Arts, Government, Business & Leadership, and the College of Arts & Sciences. One of the programs was a student-led opportunity sponsored by the student organization Christ for India.

"More and more prospective students are looking for their university experience to include an international or global focus," said Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo. "At Regent University, we are committed to providing our students with the global competencies they will need to be successful in a 21st century 'flat' world."

"At Regent, we are focused on educating global leaders, and we are glad to see this growing interest in our study abroad programs among our students because we believe these types of programs increase global competencies of the leaders we are forming," Matviuk said. "Growth in study abroad programs is an indicator of internationalization of campus growth, which is one of the global goals of Regent University."

Preparations for study abroad programs for the 2013 academic year are underway. The first program will take place in March 2013 in Turkey and Cyprus, offered by the School of Divinity.

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