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Regent, CBN Celebrate Week of Prayer

By Amanda Morad | May 7, 2012

Chancellor Robertson

Just days before Regent University's 2012 commencement, the Christian Broadcasting Network's (CBN) annual Week of Prayer came at an opportune time. During a joint chapel at the CBN corporate building on Wednesday, May 2, Regent founder and Chancellor, Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson led prayer for the 1,226 students graduating this year.

Dr. Richard Kidd, director of campus ministries, brought three graduates to the stage so chapel-goers could put a face with their prayers. Matthew Dunckley (School of Undergraduate Studies), Ezekiella Sam-Amaga (School of Divinity) and Samantha Van Saun (School of Divinity) all shared their favorite experiences at Regent and their future plans.

After prayer, Chancellor Robertson spoke about the plans of God. Citing Isaiah 46:9-11, he explained that God knows the end from the beginning and used the earliest roots of the United States as an example. On April 29, 1607, members of the Virginia Company landed at and dedicated Cape Henry, in what is now Virginia Beach, Va. "Their purpose was to deliver souls in this land into the Kingdom of God," he said.

But before the men set foot on the shores of the new land, Richard Haklyut, an Anglican priest, had to ask for a land grant from the king that spanned from modern day South Carolina into Canada—and he got it.

"Hakluyt was a man of faith and he asked largely," Robertson said. "If you're going to ask something of God, ask big!"

With beginnings like these, he explained, the plan of God is evident. "Out of the Virginia Company came the greatest nation in the world, and it started with a prayer meeting around a cross," he said. "We are walking in fulfillment of someone else's prayers and dreams."

Chancellor Robertson also expressed his belief that America would be restored to its faith-centered roots. "What God has planned, he's going to bring about," he concluded.

He closed the service with an encouragement to the audience. "[God's] got a plan for each of you and he is going to fulfill it. He sees the future; He is the future."

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