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Day of Repentance Begins Global Week of Worship

| November 8, 2011

Bishop Courtney B. McBath '98 (Divinity)

Following a Biblical model, the Regent University community gathered Monday, Nov. 7, for a solemn assembly to mark a Day of Repentance. This occasion was the start of the university's Global Week of Worship, a time of refocus and renewal for faculty, staff and students.

Gatherings and events are planned throughout the week to allow for additional time of reflection and worship.

At a chapel service, Bishop Courtney B. McBath '98 (Divinity), senior pastor of Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk, Va., delivered a message based on two scripture passages from the Old Testament—2 Chronicles 7 and 2 Samuel 24, which contain lessons from the lives of two great kings of Israel—Solomon and his father, David.

Both men, McBath explained, understood how God works in the lives of his people who sincerely repent of their sins."There is great redemptive value in repentance and much to be gained," he said. "Repentance is not something you talk about, but something you do."

The act of repentance is more than simply asking for forgiveness of sins, McBath added, but rather repentance involves a change of mind that results in change of action. "You can do the right things for the wrong reason, and that doesn't please God," he reminded the audience.

Discussing what many would agree is a sad state of affairs in the United States today, McBath stated that God can bring blessings to a nation through his people if they genuinely repent. He also reminded people that repentance comes with a price—at a cost of time, humility and admitting failures to God.

"The price for our repentance has already been paid [by Jesus' death on the cross], but Jesus calls us to do our part—to humble ourselves and admit to God what we are ... that we're not what God wants us to be," he said. "With that comes a great result. Repentance really moves God and brings change."

Following McBath's call to repentance, several members of the Regent community offered prayers of personal and corporate repentance, with a time of individual reflection.

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