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Chapel Speaker Calls for Church Unity

By Amanda Morad | November 7, 2011

Dr. Lance Wallnau

Dr. Lance Wallnau of Lance Learning Group addressed the Regent University community at a chapel service Wednesday, Nov. 2. With a dynamic presentation complete with illustrations and movie clips, Wallnau stressed that the state of the world is not a problem, but a promise.

As global economies, morals and leaders continue to deteriorate, Wallnau said that Christians have to stand unified in order to withstand the "shaking" described in Hebrews 12:26, which states that everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

"Now, more than ever, we need leaders ... to get heaven's blueprints for the world's systems," he said. These world systems are what he describes as the seven mountains of society: business, family, religion, education, government, arts & entertainment, and the media.

Wallnau recognized that conditions in the world are devolving, but also offered encouragement for believers. "As hell draws near, so does heaven," he said. "The Church is gaining more access to power and glory." He urged the audience to be aware of this access and prepare to walk into new opportunities as a result.

Lastly, Wallnau illustrated that Christians must be united with a clip from the blockbuster movie, Gladiator. The clip featured the main character, Maximus, and a band of barbarians fighting against forces that appear much stronger and much better equipped. "We stay together, we survive," Maximus said to the remnant of supposed victims around him. The clear Biblical parallels reinforced Wallnau's point that "when [Christians] enter into agreement, [they] do something that preserves the Kingdom."

Wallnau was also featured as a guest lecturer in a university-wide forum on Thursday, Nov. 3. The forum was sponsored by Regents Center for Christian Thought and Action. In his address, Wallnau focused on how to overcome the challenges of training Christian leaders to make a transformative impact in the world today.

Wallnau, a teacher and inspirational speaker, founded the Lance Learning Group to impart his lifetime research in the field of organizational and personal transformation. He also founded 7M University offering online training and personal development courses to help Christians to engage their area of influence.

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