IngentaConnect Instructions for TOC alerts

  • Register as a user

    • Access IngentaConnect from the Current Awareness Services page on the Murphy Library web site.
    • Under the heading "Need to register?" click on Sign up here.
    • Fill out the personal registration form. Select a username and password of your choosing.

    Activate the alerting service so that tables of contents of designated journals are emailed to you

    • Sign in to IngentaConnect using your personal username and password.
    • Under the heading “Manage My Ingenta” click on New Issue alerts.
    • Now you should be able to search for journals and have them added to your TOC delivery. Just click the box next to the title, then click Add. You should then get email delivery from the journals selected. You probably won't know if it's working until a new TOC is entered into the database. For example, if it's a quarterly journal, you might not get one for awhile. It doesn't send you one right off the bat.
    • You can now log out of IngentaConnect by clicking on Sign out in the middle right side of the screen.
    • If you forget your password, you will have to contact Ingenta, not the Library, as we have no access to the usernames and passwords created at Ingenta.