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Here are selected sites for the major world religions, other than Christianity.  The best all-around starting point is the Wabash Center Guide for Internet Resources: World Religions.  It is comprehensive, well-organized, and annotated.

The Virtual Religion Index by Mahlon H. Smith is a great starting point that includes a significant number of links to Buddhism, Islam, Hindu, and Judaism Web sites.
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Bahai World -- Sacred Writings, Doctrine, Directories, Contact Info.


Buddhanet.net -- "Sponsored by the Buddha Dharma Education Association, the aim of this site is to encourage a community of Buddhists in the English speaking world, providing resources & info."

Buddhism Portal E-Sangha -- Offers Free E-Books, Discussion Forum, Free E-Cards & an Extensive Collection of Links to Buddhist Resources.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library   -- Academic Centers, Reference, Site Search Engine, Updated Daily.

Resources for the Study of Buddhism -- An Extensive Selection of Primary Material, Commentaries, Articles, and Text Translations Compiled by Dr. Roon Epstein, a Philosophy Professor at San Francisco State University.


Hinduism Today -- Organizations, Leaders, & Resources Worldwide.

The Hindu Universe -- News, Resources, Biographies, Directories, & Classifieds.


Beconvinced/Discover Islam -- Audio/Video Instruction, Chat Rooms, Contact Info, Doctrine.

A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam -- For Non-Muslims Who Want to Understand Islam, Muslims, & the Holy Quran (Koran); Rich in Information, References, & Bibliography.

Introduction to Islam -- Hosted by the Middle East Institute, This is a Full-Text Electronic Version of M.Cherif Bassiouni's Book, Introduction to Islam.

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources -- An Excellent, Selective Guide to Islamic Resources on the Web by Alan Godlas, a Specialist in Islamic Studies at the University of Georgia.

IslamOnline -- Provides Accurate Information About Islamic Beliefs, History & Civilization for Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Quran Browser -- Browse and Compare Quran Translations or Search an English Text by Keyword, Word-part, or Chapter & Verse.


Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory -- Search a  Rich Selection of Web Resources, Academic Associations, Research Institutes, Libraries & More....

Jewish National & University Library -- Israeli Publications on all Subjects, in all Formats.

Judaism and Jewish Resources -- Libraries, Museums, Archaeology, Travel....

RAMBI -- By Dr. Issachar Joel, a Selective Bibliography of Articles in Various Fields of Jewish Studies & in the Study of Eretz Israel & the State of Israel.


International Shinto Foundation -- Brief & Detailed Overviews of Shinto.


History of the Sikhs -- Biographies, Introductory Info, & Links to Recommended Sites.

The Sikhism Homepage -- History, Teachings, Resources, Introductory Information.

Geographic Area:                                                                           

Wabash Center Internet Guide:  China Religion -- Bibliographies, Electronic Journals, Syllabi & Teaching Resources, Web Sites.

Wabash Center Internet Guide:  Africa Religion -- Annotated List of Web Sites, Syllabi & Teaching Resources, Electronic Journals.

New Religious Movements Research:

CESNUR/Center for Studies on New Religion -- Search for Information by Keyword or Browse Articles and Other International Resources; Directed by an Italian scholar, Massimo Introvigne, of Torino, Italy.

New Religious Movments Group/American Academy of Religion -- Seeks to Enhance Understanding of Alternative, Emergent, & New Religious Movements (NRMs) Past & Present.

Interfaith Dialogue:

Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions -- Cultivates Harmony Among the World's Religious & Spiritual Communities & Foster their Engagement with the World & Its Other Guiding Institutions in Order to Achieve a Peaceful, Just, & Sustainable World.

Harvard Divinity School Center for the Study of World Religions -- Centered at Harvard University, This is a Research Center for the Comparative, Historical, & Cultural Study of the World's Major Religions & Spiritual Traditions.

World Council of Churches -- Promotes Contact Between Christians & Neighbours of Other Faiths Primarily Through Multi-lateral & Bi-lateral Dialogue With Partners of Other Faiths that is Aimed at Building Trust, Meeting Common Challenges & Addressing Conflictive & Divisive Issues.


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