Using the ATLA Religion Database
Through EBSCOhost
    ATLA Religion Database through EBSCOhost...
  • Has a scholarly and international viewpoint and broad subject content covering all areas of religious research: Biblical, theological, ministerial, historical, and more.
  • Spans over 60 years, 1949 to the present, plus selected records from 1818 on.
  • Indexes over 700 journals plus hundreds of book series and essays.
  • Contains selected articles in full-text which can be printed off or e-mailed.
  • Is updated quarterly.
  • Has a "Find Full Text Here" link, when full-text is not in the ATLA program, that points to full-text found in other Regent-owned library databases, with a link directly to the Regent University library interlibrary loan department.
    View a tutorial about how to use the ATLA Religion Database through EBSCOhost...
  • This tutorial introduces the basic features of searching the ATLA Religion Database and lasts 8 minutes and 13 seconds.
  • This tutorial comes from the folks at EBSCOhost, a company that supples several databases to the library, one of which is the ATLA Religion Database program.
  • You will need to have your Regent id and password ready as you will be asked at the very start to enter your id and password for access.

Click Here: EBSCOhost Tutorial

  • If, for some reason, the link above does not work, find this tutorial on the ATLA Religion Database main page, the page that displays immediately after logging in.

    Within ATLA, look at the top right portion of your screen for Help. After clicking on Help, look in the left-hand margin of the screen for "EBSCHOhost Tutorials", under, "Welcome."

    When the EBSCOhost Tutorials page displays, click on the link for the "Advanced Search with Guided Style" tutorial."
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