Video Shoot Request Form for Library First Floor

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Please note: 
1.   The first floor of the University Library is available for student video shoot during normal hours of operation.
2.   Film crews are required to check in and out with Circulation.
3.   No filming will be allowed around the Reference/Circulation Desk during service hours.
4.   No access is allowed to non-public areas of the Library.
5.   Maximum of five(5) hours for video shoot requests.
6.   Requests for permission to use the atrium, auditorium or lobby should be submitted to University Administrative Services, ADM 108, Ext. 4008


The Library staff and faculty want your project to be a success and are happy to assist you as long as our primary responsibility to the patrons of the University Library is not hindered. Permission to use the Library in no way implies permission to disrupt those studying or working in the Library.

Revised March 12, 2012