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Regent Alert

What is RegentAlert?

RegentAlert is an Emergency Notification System (ENS). We contracted with 3n (National Notification Network) to provide the university with the 3n InstaCom® mass notification system. Many universities like Virginia Tech and the University of Miami also utilize this system. Its primary purpose is to notify Regent faculty, staff and enrolled students in the event of an emergency on campus, such as a man-made or natural disaster. However, Regent also envisions utilizing this system to notify our constituents of weather-related delays or closings

How do I become part of RegentAlert?

All faculty, staff and enrolled students at Regent University are automatically enrolled into the system. Regent uses existing email and phone number information either from your employee record or student record to initially populate the system. After you first verify this information, you should update each time you change email addresses or phone numbers.

What information does RegentAlert use?

RegentAlert will utilize numerous means to try to contact users in the event of a campus emergency. Regent requests that each user provide the following information in order to maximize the chance you'll receive a notification if one is sent.

  • Mobile Phone - this can be any mobile phone number that you have.
    • Service Provider - in some instances, Regent can send a text message to your mobile phone. In order to receive these messages, you must provide your mobile service provider.
  • Mobile Phone 2 - this is an alternate number. Possibly for a parent or other relative who would desire emergency information.
    • Service Provider - see above.
  • Other Phone - this can either be a mobile phone or land-line phone. It will only be used for voice notification, so no service provider information is necessary. Again, this can be the number of a parent or other relative.
  • Other Email - this is an alternate email address other than your email address. This can be a parent's address or other family member's address that would like to receive emergency notifications.

Where can I review my RegentAlert information?

When you log into MyRegent Portal, you will see the new RegentAlert portlet containing your information at the top of the middle column on the Home page. You will be able to update the information that Regent will use to contact you in the event of an emergency.

Can I opt-out of RegentAlert?

After a full review of safety issues and considering the well being of the university community, we do not allow opt-outs.

Is the RegentAlert information secure?

Yes. Regent University collects and stores RegentAlert information for the sole purpose of notifying constituents of emergency scenarios on campus. Your name or other personal information is not tied to your account on the 3n InstaCom® server. We only provide the vendor with phone numbers, email addresses and a unique ID for each user. We store the information in a secure database that is only accessible by the 3n InstaCom® system and Regent University.

Will this information be available to other Regent University Schools or Departments?

No. RegentAlert information is for the sole purpose of notifying constituents of emergency scenarios on campus. The information we collect is not accessible by schools or departments within the university (only the Emergency Response Committee and Regent's IT administrators).

I've updated my information and want the RegentAlert portlet to go away because it takes up too much space. How can I reduce the size of the portlet?

You can minimize the RegentAlert portlet by click on the Collapse image in the upper right corner of the portlet. You just need to click on the Restore (Restore) button to expand the RegentAlert portlet again.

What if I don't have a mobile phone and want to add an additional phone number?

You can use the Mobile Phone entry even if you desire to use a land-line telephone number. The distinction for the mobile phone number concerns text messages only and does not pertain to voice messages. If Regent sent a text message to all of the Mobile Phone entries, your land-line phone would be excluded. When you use a land-line telephone number in the Mobile Phone field, choose to leave the Service Provider field blank or unselected.

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