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Faculty/Staff Email

Regent's email system is currently powered by Microsoft Exchange which gives users many common features such as calendars, contacts and to-do lists. Below are some frequently asked questions and guides about the email system, if you cannot find the solution you are looking for please contact the Help Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions 1

  1. How do I setup email on my mobile device
  2. How do I setup Outlook at home?
  3. How do I setup Outlook or another mail client using IMAP or POP?
  4. How do I empty my deleted items folder?
  5. Are there any Outlook tutorials I can review?
  6. What features are available in Exchange?
  7. How much mail can I keep on the server?
  8. What does the Email Retention Policy mean for me?
  9. How do I connect to Regent's webmail?
  10. Why does webmail look different on various web browsers?
  11. What if I have additional questions?

Microsoft Outlook How To's for Faculty/Staff

How to Setup Email on a Mobile Device PDF
How to Find the Size of Your Mailbox PDF
How to Identify and Backup Personal Folders in Outlook PDF
How to Archive Old Messages PDF
How to Use the Global Address List PDF
How to Open a Shared Mailbox PDF
How to Share My Calendar PDF
How to Add a Shared Calendar to My Calendars PDF
How to Create a Vacation Message PDF
How to Find the Size of Folders in Exchange PDF
How to Recover Deleted Items PDF
How to Recall a Message After it is Sent PDF
How to Set Up Outlook At Home - Outlook 2010 for Windows PDF
How to Set Up Outlook At Home - Outlook 2011 for Mac PDF