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Genisys Features - Part 3

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Once you log in to Genisys, select the Student Services & Financial Aid menu:

  • Select the Student Records menu
    • View Holds - View any holds on your account. If you have a registration hold you will not be allowed to register. If you have a grades hold you will not be able to view your grades. A transcript hold will prevent you from viewing your transcript.
    • Midterm, Final Grades & Grade Detail - See your grades.
    • Academic Transcript - View an unofficial web transcript. For official transcripts, contact the Registrar's office.
    • Account Summary by Term - Shows financial transactions on your account, grouped by term.
    • Account Summary - Shows a summary of financial transactions for your account.
    • Select Tax Year - Specify a tax year for viewing tax forms.
    • Tax Notification - View an electronic version of form 1098-T, used to calculate the Hope or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.

  • Paying your Tuition Online
    • First, check the balance on your account by using the Account Summary option in the Student Records menu:

    • Alternately, you can use the "Finalize Registration" link in the Registration menu
    • Once you have determined your account balance, select "Tuition and Student Fees On-line Payment" from the Registration menu.
    • Select a Term.
    • Enter your Credit Card and Payment information.