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Monica Bailey, Law
Monica Bailey Challenges Women: Go and Do It!

Superheroes don't have to fly or see through walls to change the world. They can be homeschooling three children in Dallas, Texas, aching to fulfill a deep passion to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

In the midst of her daily mom duties, Monica Bailey realized her brood wouldn't be little forever and that the passion she felt for her own children, she also felt for others.

"Whenever big groups of friends would get together, I was always the woman who would end up in the den talking with the guys about the latest political things going on," she recalls. "I really felt passionate about things I'd like to see change for vulnerable women and children around the world, but what could I do?"

The answer came in the mail with a package from a law school she'd never heard of: Regent University. After being waitlisted at her school of choice, Monica was willing to give it a shot. She was accepted almost on the spot and received an academic scholarship. A few weeks later, the Baileys were on a plane to Virginia Beach, Va., for a Regent Law preview weekend.

"We came here to rule it out," Monica confesses. "We're just going to give God His kudos, you know, 'Thank You for that nice little gesture, but we know You don't really want us to be here.' But we loved it. It was everything I knew I wanted to do."

After a series of unmistakably divine interventions, Monica and her husband, Wayne, felt the call of God toward Regent. They sold their house in Dallas, enrolled their kids in a private Christian school in Virginia Beach that just so happened to have last-minute openings, and never looked back.

"It didn't really hit me until the very first chapel," she says. "I look around, and it hit me: 'I am in law school! I'm not changing pull-ups anymore, and I'm not in a carpool line right now; I'm in law school!"

Monica sees the JD she's earning as a vital credential for the advocacy work she wants to do. Right now she's exercising her passion for the vulnerable and oppressed through work with Regent's Center for Global Justice. The center sends legal advocates around the world to fight against human trafficking and fight for issues like international religious freedom, the rule of law in corrupt governments, and the legal protection of children in international foster and adoption systems.

"Sometimes it can be so overwhelming, but you realize that to do something is so much better than doing nothing," Monica contends. "You can get overwhelmed and do nothing, and still just be overwhelmed. Or you can be overwhelmed, but you're doing something."

What does life look like now? The kids are enjoying school, Wayne is working from home, and mom is learning new juggling tactics every day. With her family's support, Monica isn't afraid to keep moving toward God's call on her life. It's an example she's praying her kids and others will follow.

"Even if it seems crazy and you can't imagine how it's going to work, if you sense God's calling and you've got wise counsel affirming you and praying for you, then go," she encourages. "Go and do it."