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2014 Chili Bowl Intramural Schedule

Friday, September 12
2:00The Raptors 0vs.The Oliver Wendell Holmeboys 28
3:00Gibborim19vs.Guardians of the Gridiron7
4:00The Kingsmen Redeemers0vs.Clinically Significant24
5:00The Oliver Wendell Holmeboys40vs.Guardians of the Gridiron7
Saturday, September 13
9:00Gibborim44vs.The Abusement Park0
10:00The Oliver Wendell Holmeboys21vs.The Muffin Men6
11:00Cottage Cheese 29vs.The Raptors 0
12:00Team 713vs.The Oliver Wendell Holmeboys0
1:00Gibborim45vs.The Kingsmen Redeemers0
2:00Clinically Significant16vs.Sturmgewehr19
3:00The Abusement Park7vs.Guardians of the Gridiron 7
Tuesday, September 16
6:00Team 743vs.The Kingsmen Redeemers0
Wednesday, September 17
4:00The Kingsmen Redeemers6vs.Sturmgewehr62
5:00Gibborim34vs.The Raptors8
6:00Cottage Cheese7vs.The Oliver Wendell Holmeboys8
Thursday, September 18
5:00Bob Loblawvs.The Muffin Men
6:00Cottage Cheesevs.Sturmgewehr
Saturday, September 20,
9:00Sturmgewehrvs.The Oliver Wendell Holmeboys
10:00The Muffin Menvs.The Abusement Park
11:00The Kingsmen Redeemersvs.Cottage Cheese
12:00Clinically Significantvs.Muffin Men
1:00The Raptorsvs.Clinically Significant
2:00Team 7vs.Guardians of the Gridiron
3:00Bob Lowlawvs.Gibborim
Tuesday, September 23
4:30Sturmgewehrvs.Guardians of the Gridiron
5:30The Raptorsvs.The Muffin Men
Thursday, September 25
4:30Team 7vs.The Muffin Men
5:30Team 7vs.Bob Loblaw
Saturday, September 27
9:00The Raptorsvs.Sturmgewehr
10:00The Oliver Wendell Holmeboysvs.The Abusement Park
11:00The Kingsmen Redeemersvs.Bob Loblaw
12:00Gibborimvs.Clinically Significant
1:00The Muffin Menvs.Guardians of the Gridiron
2:00Team 7vs.Gibborim
3:00Cottage Cheesevs.Clinically Significant
4:00Bob Loblawvs.Cottage Cheese
Tuesday, September 30
4:30Sturmgewehrvs.The Abusement Park
5:30The Kingsmen Redeemersvs.Guardians of the Gridiron
Saturday, October 4
9:00Sturmgewehrvs.The Muffin Men
10:00Clinically Significantvs.The Oliver Wendell Holmeboys
11:00Gibborimvs.Cottage Cheese
12:00Clinically Significantvs.The Abusement Park
1:00Guardians of the Gridironvs.Bob Loblaw
2:00The Kingsmen Redeemersvs.The Raptors
3:00The Abusement Parkvs.Team 7
Tuesday, October 7
4:30Bob Loblawvs.The Abusement Park
5:30Team 7vs.Cottage Cheese
Tuesday, October 21
5:00Bob Loblawvs.The Raptors

Saturday, October 25
10:00 1 v. 8
11:00 2 v. 7
12:00 3 v. 6
1:00 4 v. 5
Saturday, November 1
12:00 (1 v. 8) v. (4 v. 5)
1:00 (2 v. 7) v. (3 v. 6)
Saturday, November 8
1:00 Chili Bowl

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