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The Dreams Way: Dream Interpretation Using 5 Steps

Thursday, October 4 - Friday, October 5, 2012

The dream world is a 360* view of the dreamer. The dream is a focused view of the dreamer and his/her concerns. A person seeking help then activates the dream world to layout a view. Dreams from the unconscious deliver a power, a resource, a posture and a healing to the dreamer's waking world. The unconscious gives a visually, vital, alive view of an aspect in the dreamer's life. The dreamer has only to download the dream and have his/her life updated.

Using a simple 5 step way of the dream, a therapist guides access to the essence of the dream. Through the steps the power, resource and vitality of the dream is made conscious. The therapeutic "aha"in the dreamer marks the existence of change; a path to follow beyond the struggles contained in the concerns.

Workshop participants will construct a therapeutic frame inviting a client's dream. Like shaking out a cloth allowing it to gently settle, participants will gain skill using the 5 step way of the dream interpretation. The interpretation will reveal insight thereby confidently building therapeutic skill. Theoretical concepts, live demonstrations and participant exercises will fill the day.

Classroom Building - Room 228
$85 for Professionals; $70 for Regent Students
Registration required. It will be made available soon.