Gerson Moreno-Riaño, Ph.D.
Gerson Moreno-Riaño, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Message From The Dean

Earning your college degree is the single-most important step you can take to advance your career. It boosts your confidence and improves your clout in the marketplace. National statistics show that a college diploma can double an individual’s lifetime earnings potential.

As you evaluate colleges to find the right fit, I encourage you to consider Regent very seriously. Our class sizes, both on campus and online, are designed to help you make meaningful connections with your professor and peers. The curriculum is exceptional, and you’ll find an approachable faculty who will not only teach, but also help you succeed.

Our courses are taught from a Christian perspective, keeping with our mission to develop leaders who will change the world. We also award millions of dollars in university-funded grants and scholarships each year.

Regent is a place where people care about you — where you discover how to live for Christ while you prepare for your future. You’ll find that a degree from Regent will change your life for good and the world for the better.

Gerson Moreno-Riaño, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Our Professors Are Committed to Your Success

Regent University professors are exemplary leaders who exhibit a strong commitment to excellence. Click on the photos below to read more about our faculty.

Meet Our Faculty

Joseph J. Bucci, D.B.A.
Joseph J. Bucci, D.B.A.

Department Chair; Assistant Professor, Business, Leadership and Management

757.352.4553 jbucci@regent.edu
Kevin R. Crawford, Ph.D.
Kevin R. Crawford, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication and Arts

757.352.4254 kevicra@regent.edu
Peter J. Fraser, Ph.D.
Peter J. Fraser, Ph.D.

Director, Communication & the Arts

Senior Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

757.352.4562 pfraser@regent.edu
Cheryl A. Gould, Ed.D.
Cheryl A. Gould, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

757.352.4029 chergou@regent.edu
James M. Henderson, Ph.D.
James M. Henderson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry

757.352.4993 jamehe1@regent.edu
Nicholas Higgins, Ph.D.
Nicholas Higgins, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Government, History and Criminal Justice, General Education

757.352.4780 nichhig@regent.edu
Tom Keiser, Ph.D.
Tom Keiser, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry

757.352.4047 tkeiser@regent.edu
Dan Koev, Ph.D.
Dan Koev, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Government, History and Criminal Justice, General Education

Kurt Kreassig, Ed.D.
Kurt Kreassig, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Department Chair, Teacher Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

757.352.4372 kkreassig@regent.edu
Patricia Lutz, Ph.D.
Patricia Lutz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Science, Technology, and Mathematics

757.352.4432 plutz@regent.edu
Micah Mattix, Ph.D.
Micah Mattix, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

Department Chair, English

757-352-4464 mmattix@regent.edu
Joshua McMullen, Ph.D.
Joshua McMullen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History

Department Chair, General Education

Director, Honors Program

757.352.4776 jmcmullen@regent.edu
Jeremy Painter, D.Litt.
Jeremy Painter, D.Litt.

Assistant Professor, English

Director of University Writing Center

757.352.4144 jerepai@regent.edu
Marjorie Peters, MFA
Marjorie Peters, MFA

Visiting Instructor, Theatre, Communication and Arts

757.352.4603 marjpet@regent.edu


Clement Abrams
Mark Ackerman
Angela Aliff
Stephanie Allen
Chevette Alston
Keith Alston
Lilia Anand
Boampong Asare
Lance Bacon
Jeff Bajah
David Barton
Gregory Beck
Shannon Bilunas
Rachel Blisson
Michael Boling
Feler Bose
Nicholas Bottis
Alicia Boyd
Jeffrey Brangan
Bryan Breland
Mark Brown
Carla Brown
Crystal Brown
Stephen Bruce
MaryJo Burchard
Glenice Burchard
Lisa Byrum
Steven Carlin
Christopher Carrothers
Sarah Carson
Zackery Carter
Dawn Casas
Roberto Castaneda
Daniel Castellucci
David Castle
Melody Cazort
Marlo Chavarria
Jerry Ching
David Christian
Jesse Chupp
Lisa Clarkson
Richard Coffelt
Elliott Cooke
Willie Cordy
Michael Creef
Susan Crosland
Erin Cross
Steven Crowther
Victor Cuartas
April Cunion
Angelo Dart
Michael Davis
Benjamin Davis
Joshua Davis
Mark Davis
Josiah DePriest
Jeffrey Dear
Martin Dignard, Ph.D.
Mary Dixon
James Downey
Dorothy Downing
Patricia Drown
Stacey Duke
Jacqueline Earle
Elizabeth Elam
Scott Ellington
Mark Ellis
Maria-Cristina Espinoza-Alguera
Natalie Esposito Churchill
Jacquelyn Evans
James Ewing
Michael Ferber
Cassandra Ferreira
Andrea Fierbaugh
Wyatt Fisher
Margaret Fletcher
David Foster
Joy Francis
Mark Frederick
Christopher Free
Colleen Freeman
David French
Richard Fuhr
Takenya Fulks
Laura Fuller
Marti Glass
Terilyn Goins
Peggy Gomez
Ascencion Gomez
Judith Gooch
Wesley Gow
Sherilyn Grant
Gary Grimm
Clinton Hale
Kristin Hanley
Deborah Harkness
Michael Hartsfield
Lisa Hawkins
Edward Heath
Joshua Henson
Carol Hepburn
John Herbst
Kristen Hester
Sofoklis Hiotellis
Mildred Horner-Smith
Terry House
Jonathan Howell
John Huisman
Russell Huizing
Darnell Huntley
Alice Hutton
Erica Hutton
Stephanie Iaquinto
Connie Ingram
Barbara Ingram
Erin-Sean Ireland
Scott Jackson
Jeffrey Jarnot
Tabmitha Jervey
Sarah Jones
Herman Kastroll
Michael Kelly
Jeffrey Kennedy
Sean Kirnan
Erin Kode
Penny Kohns
Thomas Kreischer
Michele LaCorte
Alycia LaFavor
Mark LaVoie
Lindsey Lahaie
Timothy Lannon
Kevin Larsen
Laura Latora
Dorothy Leal
Pamela Lee
Karen Legg
Heidi Livingston
Arthur Livingston
Rebecca Loaiza
Mike Mahan
Robert Malcolm
Juana Malone
Garry Martin
Kristina Martin
Perry Martini
Olena Maslennikova
Joshua Matlack
Stuart Mattfield
William Mauro
Marisa May
John McClary
Jacob McCleese
John McCloud
Corren McCoy
Dena McElligott
Sean David McGoran
Suzette Meeks
Brian Melton
Jeremy Mendenhall
Delceno Miles
John Miller
Dana Milstein
William Minner
Terry Minter
Camden Morgante
James Moten
Ryan Murnane
Michan Myer
Gerald Nichter
Steven Noffsinger
Richard Nugara
Michael O'Donnell
Jason O'Neal
Sheila Owens
Ryan Pace, M.F.A.
Paul Palma
Anthony Palmer
Stephen Palser
Cary Paulk
Heidi Peelen
Kay Lynn Perry, M.F.A.
Dayne Peterson
Sarah Pike
Alva Poole
Michael Porter
Thomas Powell
John Powers
David Quackenbos
Amber Quarles
Monica Reilly
Amy Rickards
Clinton Roberts
Peyton Roberts
Jason Rodriguez, M.F.A.
James Rolen
Roger Rome
Stephen Russell
Megen Saez
Charles Sanders
Mark Scharfe
Timothy Schauer
Sarah Schulte
Bradley Shedd
Sonja Sheffield
Tabitha Sierra
Michelle Simms
Bryan Sims
Terri Sipantzi
Amanda Skrobacki
Stephanie Snyder
Joel Solomon
Don Solomon
Julianne Spatacean
Donnie Staggs
Richard Stultz
Mercedes Sullivan
Paula Taylor
Jeffrey Teo
Blisson Thangamani
Nathan Tillett
Debra Touhey
Deborah Vaughn
Stacey Villanueva
Adam Wagner
Steven Wallace
Ricky Wamble
Brian Weaver
Terry Weaver
William West
George West
James Wheeler
Brian Williams
William Wilson
William Wilson
William Winner
Kevin Wolfe
James Wood
Amanda Wynn, Ph.D.
Mark Zillges