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Catering Request Form

Use this form for all on-campus special events requiring catering or food services. This includes schools, departments, centers, Regent-hosted outside groups, and regular outside groups. The Regent Ordinary Dining Services has the first right of refusal to cater any event held on-campus.

For Regent-hosted events: All Catering Request Forms must be authorized by a cost center manager and submitted two weeks prior to the event date. Please see the Catering Policy before completing the form.

Student Organizations only: Student organizations must complete the Student Organization Event Application and should not complete this form. Monica Bouchér, Event Logistics Manager, will work with your group for all catering needs.

All fields are required. Please complete a separate request for each meal.

Acknowledgement of Catering Policy
  For Regent events: I have read the Regent University Campus Catering Policy. I agree to submit guaranteed guest count 7 business days before event.

Detailed Event Information
Event Type: Faculty/Staff Event
      (events held by any school, department, or center)
Student Organization Event
Regent-Hosted Outside Group Event
Outside Group Event
Event Name:
Event Date: calendar
Food Delivery Time:
Time Requested for Ordinary to retrieve serving dishes. Event coordinator agrees that any leftover food will be removed by this time. Any remaining food will be removed by Ordinary:
Confirmed Event Location:
Purpose of Event:
(please be specific)
Expected Number of Guests:
(final count due 7 days prior to event)
Description of Guests:
(e.g. VIPs, prospective students, donors, consultants - include number of attendees in each grouping; 45 prospective students, 3 consultants, 20 student leaders, etc.)

Food Requested
Desired Meal:
Note: hold down the "Ctrl" key to select more than one option
Desired Menu/Food:
Additional Items:
To request additional items not listed above list them in this box.
Comments/Special Requests:
Please be very clear so we can understand what you need.
Number of To-Go Containers for leftovers (maximum 3 – additional containers .50 each):

For Regent Events: Budget and Authorization Information
Budgeted Catering Amount: $
Cost Center:
Account Code:
Supervisor/Cost Center Manager's Name:
(this must be an authorized signer for your cost center)
Supervisor/Cost Center Manager's Email:

Please Provide Accurate Contact Information