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Regent University Campus Catering Procedure
Regent University Events

The following procedures provide step-by-step instructions to event planners requesting catering services for their special event.

  1. Read the Regent University Campus Catering Policy.
  2. Obtain approval for on-campus catering services from your cost center manager/authorized signer.
  3. Determine if the event is appropriate for the Regent Ordinary or the Founders Inn. For Founders Inn, contact Kathy Ruley at 757.352.4849; she will negotiate best pricing with Founders Inn if you are using Regent funds. If you are using non-Regent funds, you may use the caterer of your choice (please see the Eligibility section of the Catering Policy).
  4. If using the Regent Ordinary submission of the Catering Request Form is required.
    Please note the following:
    • Request forms must be submitted to the Regent Ordinary two weeks prior to event date in order for the Ordinary to best serve your event.
    • An estimate of the number of attendees is required at the time the request form is submitted. The final guaranteed count is due seven days prior to event date.
    • Be sure to indicate on the form whether your menu is flexible.
    • After the form is submitted you will receive an automatic confirmation to the email you provided. Keep this for your records.
    • The Ordinary will respond to your request within three business days:
      • The Ordinary will forward you a copy of your original catering request. Within the forwarded request form there is an additional section titled "Regent Ordinary Response" where they will indicate whether the event is 'accepted', 'accepted with modifications' or 'declined'.
      • If 'accepted' or 'accepted with modifications' the event is placed in the Ordinary's master calendar and an estimated cost provided to you. If event is 'declined', a reason will be included for your information.
    • At the conclusion of the event the Ordinary will determine the total cost to be charged to your budget cost center. Your original catering request will be forwarded back to you once again. The total cost information will be included in the section titled "Business Office" and copied to the Business Office so they can complete the interdepartmental transfer of funds.
  5. If your request is declined by the Ordinary and the Founders Inn is not suitable for your event you may then use an outside caterer. The Purchasing department must approve all outside catering. A minimum of three comparative quotes are required. A quote, contract, or banquet order is required. Please access the Purchasing website and contact the Purchasing department with any questions.