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Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation

Qualified students must request accommodations for disabilities through the Disability Services Coordinator in Student Services. They may use "plain English." For example, they do not need to mention a legal code or use the phrase "reasonable accommodation."

A request for reasonable accommodation does not necessarily mean that Regent University will provide an accommodation for the student. The request is the first step in an informal, interactive process between the student and the University to determine whether the student's condition meets the definition of disability or whether the student is in any way "qualified." To begin this process, a student can fill out this online form.

The university may request documentation of the student's functional limitations to support the request. While the student does not have to be able to specify the precise accommodation needed, he or she does need to describe the problems posed by the claimed barrier. Suggestions from the student will be helpful in determining the type of reasonable accommodation to provide.

If a particular accommodation would be an undue hardship on the university, the university will try to find an alternative accommodation that would not pose such a hardship. If cost is the cause of the undue hardship, the university will consider whether funding for the accommodation might be available from an outside agency. The student will also be allowed to pay for the accommodation, or any portion of the accommodation, that might constitute an undue hardship on the university.

Regent University reserves the right to choose among reasonable accommodations as long as the chosen accommodation is effective. If a student refuses a reasonable accommodation, the university will be deemed to have complied with its obligation under the ADA.

Regent University will make every effort to provide a reasonable accommodation in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If a student believes that the University has not adequately responded to a request for reasonable accommodation, the matter may be addressed according to the procedures described in the Sudent Handbook under "Student Appeals and Grievances."

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