Lesson 6

Final Tips & Conclusion

Review the summary notes and instructions below.


  1. Download the Structure in Writing handout > (PDF). This is referred to as "the last page of your handout" in the audio during the discussion on knowing how material is usually arranged on the page.
  2. Download the SQR3 handout > (PDF). This will supplement the discussion in the audio that follows the section on highlighting.
  3. Check that your speakers or headphones are connected to your computer and working properly.
  4. Listen to the audio lesson.

audio lesson 6 (8:07)


Knowing how information is arranged on the page can make your reading more efficient.

Read in short blocks of time; then review before moving on.

If you use a high-lighter, only dot the margin where you detect key information as you read. After you finish reading the section, go back and highlight the important text near your dots selectively, armed with a better comprehension of the material.

Use the SQR3 method.

Expanding Retrieval Practice is an efficient way to reinforce learning of important data.

electronic text

Another great way to practice speed reading is with your computer. Select and copy text from any electronic source to your word processor's clip board. Open the electronic reader found at www.spreeder.com and paste the text in. Use the settings to adjust font size, phrase length, and reading speed.