Lesson 4

Goal Setting & Things That Slow Your Reading: Round Two

Review the summary notes and instructions below.


  1. Download the Daily Exercise Chart > (PDF). This is referred to in the audio as "the last page of your handout."
  2. Check that your speakers or headphones are connected to your computer and working properly.
  3. Watch the video example to preview steps you'll be guided through in the audio lesson.
  4. Listen to the audio lesson. Have your book ready to do the 3-2-1 Speed Drill and the Sweep Method test. The 3-2-1 drill is for mechanics, not comprehension, so really push yourself. The Sweep Method test is for comprehension, so slow down enough to ensure that you are understanding what you read.
  5. Enter the results from your Sweep Method test on the Daily Progress Chart as in Lesson 2.

audio lesson 4 (18:38)


These things can slow readers down:
 • Reading one word at a time
 • Unconscious eye regression
 • Slow end-of-line eye recovery
 • Losing your place

The Sweep Method addresses these problems by training the eye to read text in pace with a moving pointer.

A 3-2-1 Speed Drill can improve the mechanics with which your eye covers the page, which can translate into an increased reading rate.

video example (1:14)