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Dominoes Pizza used to promise that if they did not deliver your pizza in 30 minutes, it was free. Burger King wants you to have it your way. But does a consumer-driven culture of easy access breed people of depth or superficiality? This lesson examines the necessity of disciplined attention and meditation in all one studies—scripture, current events, academic disciplines, people, nature, etc.—as part of God's design to transform us. It examines some whys and the hows of study, and concludes with a brief reflective exercise, using the "Jesus Prayer."


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(19-Feb-2010 22:09:16) Valarie Hill: I remember a season in my life's journey when I studied every day and repititiously used scripture to study and to present God's Word to others. I had the repetitiveness of the reading and the use of scriptpues, I had the consentration because I believe was truly God centered, however, if I had really had true comprehension, my reflection of the application of those truths in and on my life would have manifested perhaps very differently. I believe that even if we have and practice all of the above yet lack the heart attitude of devotion to truly be united in worship of the only true God, we can find ourselves still missing the embrace of His Majesty in our lives. Yet, God is faithful, does He not know the thoughts and intentions of our hearts? Can we not be devoted to Him and yet endeavor to practice and apply what we learn in order to abide in Him? God is faithful to those who are faithful. The breath prayer that we purposefully practice, is being sounded down into our hearts. As His word abides in us we must of necessity abide in Him. We cannot worship what or whom we do not know. His spirit abides in in our hearts, the breath prayer moves our spirit to seeks His face daily by embracing His Spirit that is one with our own, hence the reflection of His grace is what we see in truth, the reflection of His Glory in us , on us and through us. (Brother Lawrence) The consentrated fullness of the reflective quality of the conprehension of God's truth in our life as a result of study.   (Report Abuse)

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