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Becoming Who God Says You Are

The Army motto, "Be all that you can be" sounds great. But who am I, really? And who can I become? The One who created us in His image and works to redeem us knows us best. This unit calls us to attend to distortions in our views of God and ourselves that block His work. It explores a scriptural model of transformation, challenging us into rhythms of devotion and transparent community where transformation can happen. It offers hope of becoming all we were created to be.


  1. Open the PowerPoint or PDF for this lesson.
  2. Listen to Dr. Bekker's presentation below, following along on the PowerPoint/PDF.
  3. Use Neal's video comments (below) and "Doing the Stuff handout" to help you process further.
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  5. Share your reactions to the lesson and reflections in the Forum box below.


We invite you to post your thoughts and reactions to these materials below to share with others. You will need to log in with your Regent user name and password before posting. Please be sure that your comments are appropriate and helpful to others who are pursuing transformation into Christ-likeness.
(19-Feb-2010 19:20:08) Valarie Hill: I know that I will never become anything at all without His transforming power in operation in me and on me. My purpose in Christ for His Glory is what propells me forward on my journey especially in this momentus hour. The wind of the Holy Spirit blows contunually through the spirit to address the spiritual issues and problems that we as imperfect man try to solve carnally. Our lives as Christians are to be a reflection of who He is as our Redeemer so that He can become all of who He already is and has been in our lives. As we make the conscience decision to let Him be ZLord and King over our heart and our MIND the manifestation of who He is in truth will show forth in our thoughts. For indeed thoughts are things. May our innermost thoughts become a manifestation in the spirit and in the natural for His Glory. In this way we show that we are submitting to His doing the stuff in us as we manifest His truth in our everyday lives.   (Report Abuse)

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