Career Development

Career Resource Center

Call 757.352.4927 to schedule a free appointment.

Located in Suite 201 of the Student Center, the Career Resource Center provides free career consultations to local and distant members of the Regent community. The Career Resource Center calendar follows the academic year, so the center is closed briefly at the end of December and April and for the months of July and August.

In person or over the phone, consultants can assist you with goal setting, personal mission and vision development, identifying your values, strengths, skills, abilities and more.

Consultants can also help you interpret and incorporate information from assessments you've taken online. They may suggest additional free or low-cost assessments to further clarify career possibilities that best align with who you are. Based on these, they can prepare a customized career report to help guide your career pathway decisions.

Consultants may also recommend outside resources if a student is encountering developmental or emotional issues that are hindering his or her career development.

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