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Student Organizations

Regent University and the Office of Student Activities & Leadership seek to provide every student with the opportunity to become involved on campus, build lifelong friendships, grow personally and spiritually, and to give of their time in service to others. One way to do that is to get involved in a student organization.

View a complete listing of the over 50 chartered student organizations.

For more information regarding student organizations, please contact the Student Activities & Leadership at 757.352.4486 or



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Student Activities

Wednesday Oct. 1 – 11:45AM
Seven Days Ablaze Prayer Meeting — CBN/Regent Chapel

Wednesday Oct. 1 – 12:00PM
Law Chapel

Wednesday Oct. 1 – 4:30PM
Intramural Volleyball Matches

Wednesday Oct. 1 – 5:00PM
Open, Fair, and Honest Elections

Wednesday Oct. 1 – 6:00PM
Ascribe: Creative Worship Night

Thursday Oct. 2 – 12:00PM
Federalist Society — Donald Devine

Thursday Oct. 2 – 4:30PM
Intramural Volleyball Matches

Thursday Oct. 2 – 4:30PM
Phi Alpha Delta Initiation

Thursday Oct. 2 – 5:00PM
Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Pledge Meeting

Thursday Oct. 2 – 6:00PM
One Man Can Make a Difference

Thursday Oct. 2 – 8:00PM

Friday Oct. 3 – 12:00PM
Fall Soccer Games

Friday Oct. 3 – 5:00PM
Fear 2 Freedom Celebration Night

Friday Oct. 3 – 8:00PM
Night of Worship — Cory Asbury

Saturday Oct. 4 – 9:00AM
Flag Football Games

Monday Oct. 6 – 12:00PM
CAS Assembly

Monday Oct. 6 – 12:00PM
Cultural Diversity Luncheon

Monday Oct. 6 – 12:00PM
Divinity Chapel

Monday Oct. 6 – 4:30PM
Fall Soccer Games

Tuesday Oct. 7 – 12:00PM
Panel Discussion: "ISIS: The Current Threat"

Tuesday Oct. 7 – 12:00PM
IPELS Interest Meeting

Tuesday Oct. 7 – 12:35PM
CBN/Regent Toastmasters

Tuesday Oct. 7 – 4:30PM
Flag Football Games

Wednesday Oct. 8 – 12:00PM
University Chapel

Wednesday Oct. 8 – 4:30PM
Fall Soccer Games

Wednesday Oct. 8 – 6:00PM
Regent Goes To Town: Bergey's Breadbasket

Thursday Oct. 9 – 12:00PM
Fitness Lunch

Thursday Oct. 9 – 4:30PM
Intramural Volleyball Matches

Thursday Oct. 9 – 5:00PM
Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Pledge Meeting

Thursday Oct. 9 – 8:00PM

Friday Oct. 10 – 3:00AM
Good Fridays

Friday Oct. 10 – 9:00AM
Leroy R. Hassell National Moot Court Competition

Friday Oct. 10 – 12:00PM
Did You Know? — Things Your Computer Can Do to Make Law School Easier

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