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Intramurals Eligibility

  • All team members shall be alumni, faculty, staff or full-time students of Regent University. Spouses of faculty, staff and students are also eligible. Anyone competing on any team who does not meet these requirements shall disqualify said team for the entire season (without special permission ahead of time).
  • A player may compete with one team only. Once a student has played with a team he/she cannot play with any other team. Any player who competes for more than one team shall disqualify both teams from further competition.

For Suggestions/Ideas regarding additional sports email:

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Student Activities

Wednesday Aug. 20 – 1:00PM
Student Connection Fair

Thursday Aug. 21 – 12:00PM
Part-Time Job Fair

Thursday Aug. 21 – 5:00PM
University-wide Ice Bucket Challenge

Friday Aug. 22 – 12:30PM
Good Fridays

Tuesday Aug. 26 – 6:00PM
Fitness Series: Beginner's Bootcamp I

Thursday Aug. 28 – 6:00PM
Fitness Series: Beginner's Bootcamp I

Friday Aug. 29 – 11:30AM
Good Fridays

Tuesday Sep. 2 – 12:35PM
CBN/Regent Toastmasters

Friday Sep. 5 – 12:00PM
Flag Football Captains' Meeting

Saturday Sep. 6 – 9:00AM
Etiquette Seminar and Luncheon

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