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Undergraduate Internship Process

Congratulations on the beginnings of your new search or attainment of an internship! This page will guide you through the "The Three Internship Registration Steps" of Regent University's undergraduate internship process. As you complete this process, we will be able to assist you with any additional information that is specific to your situation.

The Three Internship Registration Steps

Step 1 - Application Process: In order to begin or find an internship, you must first submit an Internship Application Form found below.

Step 2 - Proposal: After identifying your acquired or desired internship, you must submit a proposal outlining the different aspects of your internship to Career Services in order to receive academic credit. A review of your Internship Proposal can take up to 45 days. Career Services will contact you when it is ready.

Step 3 - Learning Contract: Finally, once your department chair has approved your Internship Proposal, submit the following form to establish the learning contract highlighting your objectives within the internship.

*For further assistance or information please contact Kita Graham or Career Services.