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Undergraduate Internship Process

Congratulations on taking the first step toward distinguishing yourself as an exceptional student and investing in yourself by pursuing an internship! This page will guide you through "The Three Internship Registration Steps" of Regent University's undergraduate internship process.

It appears daunting if you aren't familiar with it, but these steps have been successfully completed by hundreds of Regent students before you. With some effort, you too can do it. If you have any difficulty as you complete this process, the office of career services will be available to assist you and answer your internship questions. We will be glad to answer questions specific to any unique situations you may have.


The Three Internship Registration Steps

Step 1 - Application Process: In order to begin or find an internship, you must first submit the Internship Application Form found below. This is a simple intake form that gets the ball rolling.

Complete the online Application Form »


Step 2 - Proposal: After identifying your desired internship, you must submit an internship proposal for approval. Answering the three questions in this form demonstrates that you've thought carefully about what you want to do. This form is required for academic credit internships and strongly recommended for professional development internships. A review of your Internship Proposal may take up to 45 days. Career Services will contact you when it is approved.

The student can find the internship proposal in his/her Regent CAREERLink account in the survey section.


Step 3 - Learning Contract: You will be notified when your Internship Proposal has been approved, and you will be advised to submit a learning is best to collaborate with your site supervisor for this step. The learning contract is almost like a syllabus, highlighting your learning objectives during the internship.

The student can find the internship proposal in his/her Regent CAREERLink account in the survey section.

*For further assistance or information please contact Lester Deane ( or Career Services (