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Internship Supervisor Material

Necessary Forms

  1. Internship Learning Agreement
  2. Field Supervisor Agreement
  3. Midpoint Internship Evaluation
  4. Final Internship Evaluation


  1. Blue Print for Internship:This video explains the nature of Spiritual Formation Two (SFRM 502) and the Internship required by the students in the course. Once students have completed a first internship incorporated within SFRM 502, they may take on a second Internship course (PMIN 595). The second internship requires 300 hours of ministry work.
  2. Brilliant Internship:This video gives the field director and the student some great ideas on how to have a successful internship experience for both parties.
  3. Asking to Greatness: This video focuses on asking powerful questions to help enhance the dialogue between the field supervisor and the intern.

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