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Internships: Department Contacts

On this page you will find contact information for those who superivse each Regent University school's internship processes

College of Arts & Sciences

Contact Name: Kita Graham

Contact Number: 757-352-4296

Contact Email:

Robertson School of Government

Contact Name: Lisa Olson

Contact Number: 757-352-4630

Contact Email:

School of Business & Leadership

Contact Name: Timothy Redmer

Contact Number: 757-352-4360

Contact Email:

School of Communcation & the Arts

Contact Name: Dr. David Hurtado

Contact Number: 757-352-4204

Contact Email:

School of Counseling & Psychology

Contact Name: Karen Mercer

Contact Number: 757-352-4252

Contact Email:

School of Divinity

Contact Name: Dr. Joseph Umidi

Contact Number: 757-352-4401

Contact Email:

School of Education

Contact Name:Trish Lyons

Contact Number: 757-352-4090

Contact Email:

School of Law

Contact Name: Tina Owens

Contact Number: 757-352-4419

Contact Email:


*For further assistance or information please contact Career Services.