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Internships: School of Business & Leadership

Internship Process

School of Business and Leadership students are encouraged to find internship positions and negotiate the terms a minimum of 45 business days prior to the start of the semester. Students can look for internship positions by viewing opportunities in CAREERLink ( (Login Required). Contact Regent University Career Services with any questions about this search process. International Positions can also be found via CAREERLink ( in addition to the traditional opportunities.

Note that many smaller companies may not consider posting a position in CAREERLink and thus their recruiting process may be informal – i.e. requiring that you utilize your Regent Network! Your approach should be to figure out the geography and industry you would like to work in (or any other criteria that will help you narrow down the universe of companies), get the names of those companies, and begin to contact these firms. Get Regent University Career Services advice on conducting an internship search via your network. We can event help you map out your action plan.

Why do an internship? Internships are great in demonstrating you understand your course work because you are able to “show by doing.” If you can do an internship – you are able to show how you could succeed at getting this kind of role. Academic Credit (1-6 credits in categories such as LMSF 609 or MKTG 679 and others) but your learning contract, internship structure, and internship supervisor must be approved by the Department Chair after registering with the Career Services Office. To Register contact Career Services (

*For further assistance or information please contact Kita Graham or Career Services.