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Worship Team/Keyboard Request Form

Use this form for all on-campus special events requesting the services of the worship team or requesting the use of Campus Ministries' keyboard.

Student Organizations only: Student organizations must complete the Student Organization Event Application and receive approval from Student Services before completing this form.

Detailed Event Information
Event Type: Faculty/Staff led Event
Student-led Event
Requirements: Worship Team
Event Name:
Event Date: calendar
Event Start Time:
Event End Time:
Confirmed Event Location:
Purpose of Event:
(please be specific)
Expected Number of Guests:
(final count due 5 days prior to event)
Description of Guests:
(e.g. VIPs, prospective students, donors, consultants - include number of attendees in each grouping; 45 prospective students, 3 consultants, 20 student leaders, etc.)

Accurate Contact Information
Student Organization Name: (if applicable)
Contact Name(s):
Phone Number(s):
Name of person responsible for set up and care of keyboard: