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Project Process – Print Pieces

When you submit a Job Request for a printed piece, the following steps will take place:

  1. Our traffic or production manager will open the job and send your copy, copy points or copy request to our manager of editorial services.
  2. The manager of editorial services will then do one of the following:
    • review/edit/proof your submitted copy to check for spelling/grammar errors and Regent style consistencies. The manager will also make sure the copy promotes the clients well and is best written for the intended audience
    • put copy together for you based on your copy points
    • send your request for copy to a selected freelance writer and arrange a meeting for you to discuss your project with him/her
  3. Once the manager of editorial services has completed one of the above options, she will email the reviewed copy to you for your approval/comments.
  4. After receiving your approval, she will send the copy to the designer assigned to work on your job.
  5. The designer will create the project with your specifications and budget in mind.
  6. Then the designer will send your newly designed project to the manager of editorial services for review.
  7. After proofing and receiving an internal approval, the designer will send the project to you for your review and approval.
  8. Once your changes/approval have been received, the designer will repeat the editing process if necessary (a maximum of 3 proofing rounds only) and then prepare the file for the printer.
  9. Once your job is sent to the printer, the production manager will contact you with the expected delivery date.