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MyCAA Testimonials

"If you aren't using your MyCAA benefits, then you should apply. As military spouses, we sacrifice a lot. It feels good to know that the military acknowledges our sacrifice and is trying to help us succeed. I'm using MyCAA benefits this semester. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get these benefits started. I just dropped my letter of authorization off at the business office and within a couple of days, the money was credited to my account. I encourage all military spouses to apply for MyCAA. " --Tabitha, PsyD candidate, School of Psychology and Counseling 2013

There are times when as a military spouse I feel like my husband gets all the breaks to further his education. He has Tuition Assistance and VA Benefits, and schools who are working diligently to help our service members. I am grateful for their assistance, but I can't help but wonder what about the military spouse? What about the spouse who would like to further his or her education and ensure he or she is marketable in the various locations the military takes us? I'm so thankful that in 2009 MyCAA came around! MyCAA has a simple application process and an easy-to-use system for a grant of $6,000 towards education. They give you step-by-step instructions through the application process. I encourage all spouses who are looking to pursue a degree to take advantage of this opportunity that is just for us! --Angelique Gordon, M. Ed Student Affairs 2011

Please contact Dave Boisselle, Director of Military Affairs, for more information about MyCAA or other military-friendly benefits at 757.352.4757 or via email at

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